IPS – points and manner of payment

IPS payments without the IPS QR code

Thanks to e-banking, users have an opportunity to access their account without going to a bank.

To check their balance, receive or send money, users need a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone connected to the internet. M-banking is a reflection of current trends in the development of e-banking which offers a new user experience. This way, payments can be made via a mobile phone with access to the internet and a special m-banking app of the bank where the user has an account.

IPS – Electronic and mobile banking

Instant payments can be realised even without the IPS QR code, via e-banking and m-banking apps by selecting the option “Urgent” after filling in the order. If there is no such option, it means that your bank executes all orders as instant payments via the NBS IPS system.

IPS – Payment at the tellers

Transactions made at, for instance, tellers in banks, can be realised as instant payments.

On the payment order, select the option “Urgent” and your order will be executed within seconds.