API Banka a.d. Beograd enables instant payments at POS and payment of bills with NBS IPS QR code

API Banka a.d. Beograd has enabled its payment service users to carry
out instant payments at POS, as well as to pay bills/invoices with the
NBS IPS QR code, via the m-banking application.

Users of the Bank’s application will now be able to generate IPS QR
code for payments at supermarkets and gas stations across the country,
which accept instant payments by the IPS show method. They will also be
able to scan IPS QR codes at various brick-and-mortar and online stores
at home to execute transactions without leaving any sensitive payment
instrument data through the IPS scan feature. Additionally, users have
the option to make quick and easy payments by scanning the NBS IPS QR
codes on the received bills/invoices, saving time when settling their
monthly liabilities and ensuring greater security when entering data for
executing transfer orders.

More information can be found on the Bank’s website and at its branch
offices, as well as by contacting the Bank’s customer service.

In addition to API Banka a.d. Beograd, 14 other banks in Serbia offer
this service for instant payments at POS, as well as paying bills with
the NBS IPS QR code: AIK Banka a.d. Beograd, Mobi Banka a.d. Beograd,
Halkbank a.d. Beograd, Banca Intesa a.d. Beograd, Addiko Bank a.d.
Beograd, Unicredit Bank Srbija a.d. Beograd, Alta Banka a.d. Beograd,
Banka Poštanska štedionica a.d. Beograd, NLB Komercijalna banka a.d.
Beograd, ProCredit Bank a.d. Beograd, Eurobank Direktna a.d Beograd,
Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd, OTP banka Srbija a.d. Novi Sad and Erste
Bank a.d. Novi Sad.

Source :
Payment System Department