Instant payments of taxi services in Niš

City Taxi Niš and Eurobank Direktna a.d. Beograd have enabled the
acceptance of instant payments via a merchant’s android mobile app in
all vehicles of this taxi company, which means that all City Taxi
clients can now make payments in a very simple and safe way.

A taxi client who wants to make an instant payment via the mobile
banking app installed on his/her mobile phone should activate the IPS
Scan option, which is located on the app home page and does not require
logging in. The camera is launched and the client simply scans the IPS
QR code displayed on the taxi vehicle’s app for accepting instant
payments. In the safe environment of his/her bank, the client will then
authenticate the transaction by entering the PIN code, using a
fingerprint or face recognition technology, and the transaction will be
executed within a few seconds.

The acceptance of instant payments via this and other android apps
for acceptance at physical points of sale gives merchants the ease of
use and considerably lower acceptance costs than, for instance, card
payments. The infrastructure used is completely independent and does not
require additional maintenance costs.

Eurobank Direktna a.d. Beograd enables the acceptance of instant
payments via its android app that ensures to merchants a safe and fast
collection of payment for goods or services at points of sale through
the instant payments system. It is intended for legal entities and
entrepreneurs wishing to improve their business and ensure modern,
contactless payments to around 3.3 million m-banking users in Serbia, at
considerably lower cost of payment instrument acceptance, while money
becomes available within no more than a few seconds. In addition to taxi
vehicles, this app is ideal for restaurants, coffee shops and bars,
hairdressers, dental and veterinary services, beauty salons, bakeries,
boutiques, etc.

All legal entities and entrepreneurs wishing to collect payment for
their goods or services via instant payments and the said app can do so
in a simple way. The whole process of negotiating the service,
registration and start of acceptance of instant payments takes no more
than a day.

In addition to the above bank, other payment service providers also
offer their instant payment apps, which means that merchants can select a
service provider and an instant payment app based on the offered
conditions and in line with their needs.

As the operator of the NBS IPS system, the NBS plays an active role
in increasing the number of cashless payments in the market, by
providing infrastructure and preconditions for creating and implementing
new payment models, enabling merchants with specific requests to offer
cashless payments to their clients. We therefore invite other legal
entities and entrepreneurs to familiarise themselves with instant
payment options and their implementation, to make use of the many
benefits they entail and thus take their businesses to a higher level.

For more information about instant payments and how to enable them at points of sale please go to: link.

Source :
Payment System Department