Over 3.5 million payments made by scanning NBS IPS QR code

In Q1 2023, over 3.5 mn payments worth more than RSD 11 bn were made
by scanning the NBS IPS QR code. These payments are on a constant rise.

This is one of the most important functionalities in the IPS system
as it enables m-banking users to simply and safely pay monthly
invoices/bills of different service providers. A user can simply scan
the NBS IPS QR code from an invoice/bill, with the payment order being
automatically created in the m-banking application. A user does not need
to manually enter data, while at the same time saving time, minimising
errors when entering data, and making a payment within a few seconds

This option is also available to legal persons and entrepreneurs as
an increasing number of banks in Serbia enable this payment method in
applications for these two categories.

The NBS invites all invoice issuers who still do not show the NBS IPS
QR code on their invoices to enable this option. They can use the
Generator/Validator of NBS IPS QR codes, which can be found on the
official webpage of the NBS IPS system.

The NBS will continue to develop and advance these state-of-the-art
and safe payment methods to the benefit of all participants in cashless
payments and the entire market in Serbia.

Source :
Payment System Department