IPS – points and manner of payment

IPS payment at point of sale –

The IPS logo is displayed at brick-and-mortar points of sale (supermarkets, stores, boutiques, pharmacies, bakeries…) where instant payments can be made. At the check-out (e.g. at the cash register), the label IPS SCAN indicates to the buyer the payment method that can be used to pay for the goods/services.

For IPS payments at brick-and-mortar points of sale via the IPS SCAN method, you need an m-banking app on your mobile phone.

No fee is charged to the payer when executing IPS payments at a point of sale!

If you select and run the IPS SCAN option in your m-banking app, you need to scan the IPS QR code which the merchant has already generated on his device.

The merchant can show the buyer the generated IPS QR code on his mobile phone, tablet, POS terminal or another device with a display, which is used for instant payments at the point of sale.

After scanning the IPS QR code in the app, you will see the information about the amount to be paid and the option to confirm the transaction. In order to make the payment, you need to perform authentication – enter your PIN, or use your fingerprint or facial recognition.