Technical verification (validation) of the IPS QR code

Here you can carry out the technical verification (validation) of the already prepared IPS QR code. You should upload the file containing the IPS QR code in the specified format (.JPG, .JPEG, .JFIF, .PNG, .GIF) and click send. The file with the IPS QR code in any format must be clear and of good quality to enable the reading of the content.

After the uploaded IPS QR code is validated, it will be displayed whether the IPS QR code complies with technical requirements set out in the prescribed specification or not, i.e. if there are any errors, in which case the log of each identified error is displayed.

For any dilemmas, please refer to the Recommendations relating to the preparation of the NBS IPS QR code via textual string. Recommendations provide more detailed explanations of elements (tags) of the NBS IPS QR code that will guide you towards forming a correct IPS QR code.

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