Merchants - how
to enable IPS?


Why is it important that you enable instant payments at your point of sale?

Instant payments, as a new payment generation, allow for simple execution of transaction in a few seconds only, 24/7/365. By enabling this payment option at your point of sale, both brick-and-mortar and online, you will offer a superior-quality payment method to your byers/consumers, with money transferred from the account of the payer (buyer) to the account of the payee (merchant) in a matter of few seconds.

The introduction of instant payments does not involve high costs for merchants. To enable this payment option, you do not need to have a POS terminal or other devices. If the high costs of service introduction discouraged you from introducing the cashless payment option so far, this is a chance to do this, at much lower merchant fee costs relative to card payments.

As mentioned earlier, there are two options of instant payments at brick-and-mortar points of sale: IPS SHOW is a buyer presentation method (the buyer generates the code which is then scanned by the merchant) and IPS SCAN (the merchant generates the code which is scanned by the buyer).