IPS payments now available at e-commerce platform Ananas.rs

The NBS wishes to notify the public that the company Ananas enabled
the acceptance of instant payments on its e-commerce platform.

Ananas.rs is an e-commerce platform which has enabled the
cutting-edge payment method – instant payments, in cooperation with
Banca Intesa a.d. Beograd, giving its clients the opportunity to perform
payment transactions simply and safely, without entering and storing
sensitive data about the payment instrument and user.    

As of today, over four million users of mobile banking applications are able to pay instantly on the e-commerce platform Ananas.rs – simply, quickly and safely, by using deep link technology or the “IPS scan” option.

If the user is accessing the e-commerce platform via a mobile phone,
i.e. orders and pays from one device, the payment is initiated via the
deep link function. After he has chosen the “IPS scan” option, the user
is shown the deep link option, and after its activation, also the list
of banks to choose whose banking application he will use. After this, a
mobile banking application is opened, and the user authenticates himself
the way he usually does – using PIN, a fingerprint or face recognition
and the transaction is effected within seconds.   

In the case that the user is accessing e-commerce platform via a
computer, after placing his order, he chooses the “IPS scan” payment
method and the IPS QR code consequently appears. The user then activates
the “IPS scan“ option in his mobile phone application, scans the IPS QR
code from the computer screen and enters the PIN code in his m-banking
or authenticates himself at the bank via fingerprint or face recognition
(as he customarily does) after which the payment is effected.

The introduction of instant technology sets new standards in online
shopping, ensuring a simple, quick and safe payment experience to users.
Such innovation and advancement of user experience has broadened the
spectrum of payment methods available on e-commerce platforms, and the
NBS continues its efforts toward expanding the instant payments
acceptance network, with a view to achieving the healthiest, cheapest
and most sustainable development of cashless payments in the Republic of

Source :
Governor's Office