NBS IPS system – new record number and value of payments

On 15 November, the NBS IPS system executed 279,682 payments worth
RSD 2,929,475,865.38, thus posting a new record daily number and value
of transactions since it began operating.

The NBS IPS system is a state-of-the-art payment system, which
operates 24/7/365. Thanks to this, businesses and citizens in the
Republic of Serbia can execute their payment transactions in a simple
and fast way, at any place and at any time, including weekends,
non-business days and nights, and the recipient receives the funds in a
few seconds only. The NBS IPS system was launched on 22 October 2018, as
one of the first such systems in the world. Since day one it has
operated with great success, as reflected in the high and constantly
rising number of payments that Serbian citizens and businesses choose to
be executed instantly.

Source :
Payment System Department