Payment institution Tenfore DOO Beograd enables transactions through the NBS IPS system

The payment institution Tenfore DOO Beograd joined the NBS IPS system
today, enabling its clients to execute transactions through this
system. Namely, Tenfore has become an indirect participant with direct
access to the NBS IPS system through Agroindustrijsko komercijalna banka
(AIK banka A. D. Beograd). Connection to the NBS IPS system enables
direct execution of instant payments for Tenfore’s clients, but also
lays the foundation for further improvement and development of
functionalities within the payment institution and the implementation of
services provided by the NBS IPS system infrastructure.

The NBS instant payments system is one of the state-of-the-art
payment methods currently available in the world. The system operates
24/7/365, thanks to which citizens and corporates can pay easily and
quickly, from any place and at any time, i.e. on weekends, non-business
days or at night, and the money being available to the payee within a
few seconds.

Source :
Payment System Department