Transfer – instant payment to a telephone number

NBS wishes to remind the public of the Transfer service (Prenesi)
available in most banking apps in our country. Banks such as Banca
Intesa, NLB Komercijalna, AIK, UniCredit, Raiffeisen, OTP and other
banks (list available here)
offer to their clients a possibility to transfer money, without knowing
the payee's account number, in a simple way within no more than a few
seconds via their m-banking apps using the Transfer service.

The service can be used in both directions – to receive and send money. 

a user wants to receive funds on his account via Transfer service, all
he needs to do is to register for the service in the m-banking app. This
can be done in several ways:

  1. After the bank introduces the service and/or a new user instals the app, a
    pop-up window may appear, containing information about the Transfer
    service and the option to register. By clicking on the “Register”
    button, the user will be directed to the relevant registration form.
  2. By entering the Transfer option within the payment methods in the m-banking app, a non-registered user will be shown an option that takes him to the section of the application with the registration form for the Transfer service. Previously registered users will not have this option and will only be able to proceed with the transaction in this section - a process that will be explained below.
  3. By entering the Settings of the m-banking app, the user has the option to register for the Transfer service, which he can start at any time.

In all three mentioned ways, the user reaches the registration form. Within this form, it is necessary to agree to the terms of use and to continue the process, and in just a few clicks the registration will be completed.<br>By registering, the user connects his mobile phone number with the account number to which he wants to receive money. In this way, the Transfer service enables the transfer of money from account to account in a few seconds based only on the phone number of the registered payee. Please note that registration for the service is free and that the user can de-activate the service at any time, also completely free of charge.<br>All users who only want to send funds via the Transfer service can do so even without registration. All they need is to find the Transfer option within the m-banking app (usually in the payments sub-menu). In Q2 2023, the value of turnover arising from this service reached half a billion dinars.<br>The NBS invites all m-banking users who have not done so to familiarise themselves with the Transfer service and activate it within their m-banking apps. At the moment, over 2 million users have the opportunity to pay through the Transfer service, while there are about 300,000 registered users who, in addition to making payments, can also receive funds.

Source :
Payment System Department