IPS – points and manner of payment

IPS payment online – IPS SCAN

IPS payments at an online point of sale are executed by the IPS SCAN method, using an m-banking app on the mobile phone. IPS online payments can be made by scanning the IPS QR code or using the so-called deep link technology – from a list of banks, select the bank whose m-banking app you already use.

The advantage of IPS payments when purchasing online is the high level of safety, given that by using this method, the buyer does not leave any data about his payment instrument.

No fee is charged to the payer when executing IPS payments at a point of sale!

Payment by scanning the IPS QR code

When purchasing online, you need to select the IPS SCAN option as the manner of payment on the merchant’s web page.

Once you have selected IPS SCAN as the payment method, the web page will display the IPS QR code. Afterwards, you need to select the IPS SCAN option in your m-banking app, and once your camera is activated, scan the IPS QR code displayed on the webpage.

After scanning the IPS QR code, the m-banking app will show the information about the amount to be paid and the option to confirm the transaction. In order to make the payment, you need to confirm transaction execution in the usual manner: using your PIN, fingerprint, or another manner of payment confirmation in the m-banking app.

Payment by selecting the bank in the drop-down menu (IPS payment using deep link )

IPS payments at online points of sale can be made by using only one device (mobile phone or any other device with an m-banking app, which you use to access the online store) in just a few clicks.

To make the payment using only one device, after selecting the product in the online store, you need to select the IPS SCAN option as the manner of payment on the web page.

In the drop-down menu, you need to select the bank whose m-banking app you use and then click “PAY”. If the internet merchant offers the option of defining the bank whose m-banking you use within your user account, you can just click “PAY”.

By clicking on “PAY”, you will launch the m-banking app that you have on your device (mobile phone), after which the information needed for payment execution will appear on your screen. By confirming transaction execution in the usual manner, you will execute the payment. The payment process after clicking on “PAY” is identical to the payment process after scanning the IPS QR code.

Payment by deep link is a very practical solution for online purchases at any place, at any time, since the very purchase and payment process of selected products/services is carried out using only one device – mobile phone, with which you access the online store in question.