Addiko bank a.d. Beograd introduces deep link technology

Аddiko bank a.d. Beograd has enabled the use of deep link technology for online IPS payments. Via the m-banking application of this bank, clients can make IPS payments at online stores in a few clicks.

Payments are made by selecting the IPS scan option as the payment method. In the dropdown menu of banks enabling this form of payment, clients must choose the bank with whose application they wish to make the payment and, finally, click the ‘pay’ button. Users thus launch the desired m-banking application on their mobile devices and confirm the execution of the desired payment.

Payments can be made in a fast and simple way, in a safe environment of the m-banking application, where no sensitive data on the payment instrument are left on the merchant’s website. Multiple security mechanisms are in place, applied by the NBS IPS system and its participants.

IPS scan is a payment method unique in the market, bringing multiple benefits to merchants as well – funds are transferred to the merchant’s account within a few seconds, there is no need to manage or keep sensitive data on the buyer’s payment instruments, the solution is implemented in a simple way, the payment process is simple and fast for buyers, fees are lower thanks to the NBS pricing policy etc. The increase in the number of users who can make payments via the deep link and QR (scanning by the mobile phone camera) technology is accompanied with a rise in the number of online merchants who accept such payment method. The list of all merchants is available on the IPS website.

In addition to Аddiko bank a.d. Beograd, the deep link technology for online IPS payments has been introduced by nine more banks: Banca Intesa, Eurobank-Direktna, Erste bank, Unicredit bank Srbija, OTP banka Srbija, NLB Komercijalna banka, Raiffeisen banka, AIK banka and Halkbank.

Source :
Payment System Department